The Providence store clerk fires a machine gunner at the thief; suspect stabs customer

PROVIDENCE — A convenience store worker fired shots at a man who robbed the store and stabbed a customer Tuesday night, Providence police say.

Stabbing victim is in stable condition in hospital in Rhode Island; area hospitals reported no gunshot casualties, according to Cmdr. Thomas Verdi.

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Around 11 p.m. Tuesday, police attended the Broadway Express Mart at 306 Broadway for a reported stabbing, according to a report provided by Verdi.

The store clerk told police he fired several shots at a man who went behind the counter, showed a knife and demanded money.

As the suspect was about to leave the store, a customer tried to stop him and the suspect stabbed him in the back and shoulder, according to the report.

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Investigators found a trail of blood leading to the 33-year-old stab victim. Police also found a SIG Sauer pistol on the counter with a detached and loaded magazine and two spent casings, one on the counter and one on the floor.

Police reviewed the store’s surveillance video and found it matched the employee’s story, according to the report.

Video also showed the suspect arriving and driving away in an orange Subaru Outback SUV, which had apparently been stolen earlier on Atwells Avenue.

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