Store staff provide police with name, address and phone number of robbery suspect – The Morning Sun

A 43-year-old man was arrested for armed robbery on Sunday after staff at the party store told police his name and where to find him.

Isabella County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the Old Mission Party Story, 5030 S. Mission Road, just after midnight Sunday morning after the clerk told a dispatcher that someone with a gun had robbed the store, according to an ISCO press release.

The clerk told officers he recognized the suspect’s voice and brown boots as belonging to “Tony”, a regular who lived at Deerfield Village Apartments. Another person at the store also provided police with his phone number.

A State Police tracking dog was called to the scene and tracked the suspect from the store to a nearby apartment. The person listed in the apartment, Anthony Socolovitch, was the person identified by the clerk.

When officers arrived, Socolovitch and another man were trying to get away in a taxi. Officers stopped him from leaving and found the clothing described by store staff, the gun, and $160 from the store when they searched his home.

Police found another $180 in the cab.

Socolovitch was charged Monday afternoon with armed robbery, a crime that carries a possible life sentence.