Store staff hope to reunite little girl with missing stuffed animal

NORTH FORK, NY – Every parent knows the panic of realizing that a child’s favorite doll or stuffed animal is missing. And, if you’re the mother who desperately tried to retrace your steps and find your little girl’s missing stuffed dog on the North Fork, you’re in luck.

MaryGrace Steinfeld posted about the missing plush toy on Facebook on Thursday. She said her friend, Gabriella Samolewski, had information – and it had been found.

According to Samolewski, Monday morning she was working at the North Fork Donut Company on Love Lane in Mattituck, decorating donuts. Another employee, Rachel, received a call from a distraught mother trying to find the stuffed puppy.

“It’s her daughter’s favorite,” Samolewski said.

But, although they searched the counters and around the store, they could not find the toy; no note had been left by the weekend crew indicating that he had been located.

“We told the mother it wasn’t there – and we didn’t take her number,” Samolewski said.

However, Thursday morning, when Samolewski was done decorating her donuts, suddenly she saw the stuffed dog on the counter. “Someone must have found it somewhere in the store,” she said.

But there was no way to contact the child’s mother – and so she and Steinfeld took to social media in hopes that another parent might see the photo and alert the mother.

Anyone who finds the mother and baby girl looking for their lost toy should call the North Fork Donut Company at 631-298-7941 so they can return the child her stuffed puppy.

Samolewski, who has a teenage son, knows the anguish a mother must feel. “It would be so awesome, really rewarding, if we could reunite this little girl with her stuffed animal,” she said.