Sainsbury’s to increase shop staff wages to at least £ 10 an hour

Sainsbury’s will raise shop staff pay to at least £ 10 an hour amid persistent worker shortages

  • Staff at Sainsbury’s and Argos stores pay to increase 5% to £ 10 per hour from March
  • Grocery delivery drivers will see their wages rise by more than 12% to £ 11.50 an hour
  • It follows similar moves from the majority of all other major supermarkets

Sainsbury’s is raising the wages of its lowest-paid store workers and delivery drivers as staff shortages continue to plague businesses across the country.

Britain’s second-largest supermarket said base wages for its Sainsbury’s and Argos workshop workers outside London would rise 5% to £ 10 an hour from March 6, from 9.50 £ currently.

Sainsbury’s grocery delivery drivers will also see their pay rise by more than 12% to £ 11.50 an hour, while for Argos Fast Track delivery drivers it will drop to £ 11 an hour.

Wage increase: Sainsbury’s store workers will see their wages increase to at least £ 10 an hour from 6 March

The base fare for Argos and Grocery drivers is currently £ 9.50 per hour nationwide, with a premium of 75 pence, or £ 10.25 per hour in total.

“While the demand for online deliveries remains high, this salary increase will help the retailer recruit and retain top talent,” the supermarket said.

The new pay rates, which will cost Sainsbury’s £ 100million, are above the national minimum wage for people aged 23 and over, which will drop from £ 8.91 to £ 9.50 an hour from April of this year.

All employees of Sainsbury’s, Argos and Habitat will also receive a 10% discount on their purchases at all three brands.

And Sainsbury’s staff will receive a special 15% discount in stores for five days around each payday “to help colleagues better plan their budgets and purchases.”

Dave Gill, national leader of the Usdaw union, who has spoken with Sainsbury’s about raising retail staff wages to at least £ 10 an hour, welcomed the move.

“I am pleased that Sainsbury’s is in a position to implement this new hourly rate, an increase that achieves this goal and takes most staff above the actual living wage,” he added.

“This increase is one of the highest rates for large supermarkets. It’s a big step forward and shows the company is ready to invest in people to help grow the business. ‘

All employees of Sainsbury¿s, Argos and Habitat will also receive a 10% discount on their purchases in the three brands.

All employees of Sainsbury’s, Argos and Habitat will also receive a 10% discount on their purchases in all three brands.

In November, Lidl announced it would increase the hourly wages of its workshop workers from £ 9.50 to £ 10.10 an hour outside London and from £ 10.85 to £ 11.30 in the capital from March of this year.

Rival Aldi is also raising the wages of its workers from next month – from £ 9.55 an hour outside the M25 to at least £ 10.10, and from £ 11.07 in London to £ 11.55.

They follow Morrisons, who last year became the first UK supermarket group to pay at least £ 10 an hour to all staff in their store.

Many companies have been forced to raise wages amid an ongoing battle for staff.

Supermarkets have struggled to recruit truck drivers over the past year, with companies like Tesco and Asda offering new employees a bonus of £ 1,000 to make up for lost numbers.

Simon Roberts, Managing Director of Sainsbury’s, said: “We are making this important investment to show our colleagues how much we appreciate the brilliant work they do for our customers every day.

“It also reflects the significant progress we are making against our plan and to save money we can invest in lower prices, provide fantastic service to colleagues and make shopping convenient for customers.”