RRD announces new solution to help retailers better personalize in-store marketing materials

CHICAGO–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – RR Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE: RRD), a leading global provider of marketing and sales communications, today introduced a retail solution that streamlines the process of creating promotional material in-store, while reducing production time and labor costs.

Through his work for 52 of The National Retail Federation’s Top 100 Retailers, RRD discovered that many retailers still rely on manual processes to create their visual merchandising racks for floor displays, aisle ends, window signage, and more. It involves everything from creating material design and converting files from one format to another, proofing and editing – tasks that are time consuming and labor intensive. .

To meet these challenges, which are particularly acute in the current environment, RRD has developed Variable content automation for retail. This new offering allows companies to create tailor-made marketing kits while reducing the project cycle from 15 steps to just four. By keeping customer and customer information in a single source, the solution creates a data center that automates the production of marketing kits, allowing RRD to package the kits in a way that maximizes in-store deployment time and effort. . It also facilitates visibility into KPIs and compliance rules from an operational perspective, while giving retailers the ability to identify new store-specific opportunities that they could capitalize on through signage.

“Retailers with multiple locations need localized signage and marketing materials, delivered quickly and cost effectively, in order to maintain competitive differentiation,” said Toni Thompson, president of RRD Retail Solutions. “Even big box chains have variations in product inventory and the promotions they run. RRD’s Retail Variable Content Automation enables brands to respond to each location’s specific offerings in a streamlined process – creating a win-win solution where retailers increase personalization while saving time and money. money.

In addition to developing in-store material at an accelerated pace, RRD’s latest offering also helps store employees better understand where and when specific signage needs to be placed through the automatic creation of store-specific listings. This is to ensure that items are not improperly marked as part of a promotion and that signage is properly in place prior to big sales.

“This solution allows our customers to improve their in-store marketing execution and focus their efforts on driving real sales,” said Doug Ryan, president of RRD Marketing Solutions. “At RRD, we pride ourselves on constantly evolving our offerings to meet the direct needs that we see in the industry. We want to give our customers the tools and technologies that will not only improve their workflows, but give them a leg up on their competition. ”

To learn more about RRD’s retail variable content automation solution, visit rrd.com/vca-retail.

About RRD

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