Riverview store worker set teen on fire trying to confirm liquid was lighter, police say

Mazin Shaya is being held on $1million bail after Riverview police say he set a teenager on fire in ‘attempt to verify (liquid leaking in backpack) was flammable

A Riverview convenience store worker faces a charge of assault with intent to murder after holding a lighter near the backpack carried by a 17-year-old who was doused in flammable liquid, causing him to s ‘ignite.

The decision led to the teenager being hospitalized with severe burns, according to the city’s police department.

The store clerk, identified as Mazin Shaya, was arrested on June 7 in Sterling Heights before being arraigned in Wayne County Court the next day.

“This incident was a tragedy and could easily have been avoided,” said Acting Police Chief Bob Bemis. “Now it’s up to the court to decide who is responsible and what their sentence should be.”

Riverview Police first received a phone call on June 2 from a mother calling from the emergency room at Wyandotte Hospital. According to the caller, his son, who is a student at Riverview Community High School, was on lunch break but off school campus around 11:30 a.m.

The teenager was at Victor’s Market, located on Quarry Road.

Detectives managed to locate a witness who confirmed that a 55-year-old store employee was responsible for the crime.

Police say the teen was carrying a backpack saturated with lighter fluid, which was likely leaking from something inside his backpack. “In an attempt to verify if the liquid was flammable, the suspect allegedly held and activated a lighter, which was too close to the victim,” a police statement said.

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The teenager’s shirt caught fire, causing severe burns.

A judge set Shaya’s bail at $1 million with 10% bond/bond. If he deposits a deposit, he will have to wear a GPS tether and return his passport. His next court hearing will be on June 16.