REI Transitions IRL Store Services Via Virtual Appointments and Video Sessions

Retailers maximize the human element in digital shopping experiences by providing customers with personalized, personalized consultations with expert associates to guide them to the right purchase. Using the video capabilities, both customers can see the products in situ and associates can get a better idea of ​​the buyer, their home environment and their style.

Outdoor retailer REI translates its in-store services online through virtual appointments and video sessions. To help customers answer any questions about bike assembly or repair, the retailer has created a virtual meeting platform for customers to book time with an in-store expert. In addition to being able to walk customers through all the bike assembly processes, buyers can also learn about hiking shoe adjustments or discuss any outdoor gear they might need for future trips. camping or excursions.

In this video, Alan from Dusty Hikers gives an overview of the service:


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