Pennsylvania Convenience Store Employee Had Her Hair Pulled Out By Violent Customer: ‘I Can’t Believe It’

A 67-year-old clerk at a Pennsylvania convenience store was brutally attacked, her hair ripped out, and the suspects didn’t even take anything.

The bizarrely violent incident happened earlier this month at the GetGo convenience store in Verona, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, as reported by KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.

Local police told KDKA that a woman entered the store looking for someone and asked the employee, who was not identified in the report, for information. Police say a man was also involved in the attack.

Police said the suspects went behind the kitchen counter, and the cashier followed them and asked them to leave.

“She remembers them coming over trying to describe someone, saying we were looking for anything,” Carin Chadwick, the victim’s niece, told KDKA.

The clerk didn’t know. And the woman, who police say was caught on surveillance cameras, began assaulting the employee, beating her and pulling her hair out.


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At last report, the suspects were still at large. Police told KDKA the couple may have left in a tan or white Lincoln SUV. The suspects took nothing from the store.

Police say they hope someone will recognize the suspects and report them.

Meanwhile, the victim is dealing with injuries and emotional trauma from the Jan. 9 attack, according to Chadwick.

The employee’s injuries include bruises all over his body and headaches, KDKA reported.

“I can’t believe anyone could do this to him or anyone,” Chadwick told KDKA. “She keeps going through crying spells, fearful spells, looking at her all the time. She shouldn’t have to live this way.