Massachusetts grocery clerk helps veteran finish paying for groceries

OXFORD, Mass. (WPRI) – A Massachusetts grocery clerk’s little act of kindness is making the rounds on social media.

Briar Poirier has worked at the market basket in Oxford for eight years.

On a recent shopping trip, a customer was blown away by their compassion for someone in their checkout line.

Renee Falcioni told WBZ News she noticed Poirier cashing in on an elderly man last Friday, who was also a veteran.

The man did not pay for his groceries by just $ 3 after using a $ 25 gift card.

Falcioni says that’s when Poirier stepped in, without hesitation, and told the man he would cover the rest of his bill.

“I turned around and saw the veteran. Her eyes light up. And he shook his hand and he said thank you and he had a big smile from ear to ear, ”Falcioni said.

Renee Falcioni shared the act of kindness in the Webster, Dudley, Oxford, Thompson Area Forum Facebook group.

Falcioni shared the story on social media and said it was clear from the comments of those who commented on the post this wasn’t the first time Poirier had helped make someone’s day. .

Poirier said he knew the man was a veteran because of the outfit he was wearing, and simply said he wanted to thank him for his service.

“The gentleman had a few basic necessities and seemed to be a bit lucky, and the man fought for our country, fought for our freedoms, our rights,” Poirer said. “It’s the least we can do for him.”

Poirer told WBZ he hopes more people can help each other out when needed.

“Whether you are a stranger or a friend. Just to make people’s day better, ”he said.

According to a GoFundMe page created by Falcioni, Briar’s wish is to help more veterans and supports a nonprofit called Vittles for Vets.

The mission of the nonprofit is to improve the nutritional health of veterans living on or below poverty line.