Man threatens vape shop staff with finger guns: Mayfield Heights police blotter


Threatening: Mayfield Road

A Puff N ‘Stuff employee said on June 11 that a 19-year-old man yelled at her and made a gun gesture with his hands because she would not sell him a battery for a vape pen . She said he also told another employee to come out and fight him.

Response officers found the Maple Heights man in the area. He denied making the pistol gesture, but surveillance video confirmed he did. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

The store does not sell the requested item to persons under the age of 21.

Car theft: Golden Gate Boulevard

A woman said an iPhone and a school-issued Google Chromebook were stolen from her vehicle on June 11. She said the vehicle may have been left unlocked while parked near the permit office.

Flight: Mayfield Road

A woman was suspected of stealing around $ 300 worth of seafood from Giant Eagle on June 11. She left in a man-driven vehicle after facing loss prevention.

On June 13, officers located the vehicle of the man with a flat tire on Interstate 271. He said he was at Giant Eagle on the day of the theft and that his 20-year-old fiancee was assaulted by a employee who grabbed his arm. .

He said he knew nothing about the theft and that she did not have a cell phone for officers to contact her.

Harassment: Mayfield Road

Ambiance employees reported on June 12 that a boy called the store, threatened and insulted the employees, and said he would come to the store with a baseball bat.

Officers learned the calls were made by a 16-year-old boy from Beachwood. He denied it, but his mother found two calls to the store listed on her phone and learned that he and a friend had been playing the prank.

Domestic violence: Marsol Road

A 27-year-old man was arrested for domestic violence in Drake’s apartments on June 14 after an incident involving his wife, who was six months pregnant. The altercation occurred after the two argued over the cigarettes.

Overdose: Marsol Road

A 29-year-old man suffered a drug overdose in his apartment around 4:15 a.m. on June 15. He was resuscitated with Narcan and taken to hospital for treatment. Evidence of drug use was found in his bedroom and a friend said the man used heroin frequently.

Hidden weapon: Marsol Road

During a traffic stop on June 15, officers found a loaded gun, marijuana and $ 1,476 in cash inside the vehicle. The driver, a 24-year-old man from Cleveland, had a suspended concealed transport license and a history of weapons-related offenses.

He was then charged with carrying a concealed weapon, trafficking in marijuana and mishandling a firearm in a vehicle.

Flight: Mayfield Road

Officers responded to Walmart on June 15 regarding a theft by an employee and were confronted with the woman, who had to be handcuffed as she tried to walk past them in the hallway.

Loss Prevention explained that she stole $ 300 from the store for two consecutive days while working in the financial center. She said the money came from tips from customers. The Cleveland Heights woman, 48, was later charged with theft.

Breach of Protection Order: Woodhurst Avenue

A 33-year-old man was arrested for violating a protection order on June 12 after visiting his ex-girlfriend’s home. He said she had allowed him to sleep the night before.

Fraud: Mayfield Road

A resident of the Gates Mills Villa apartment said on June 16 that she was involved in a scam when she called what she believed to be Amazon customer service. Money was deposited into her account and she was told to use it to purchase gift cards.

The woman, 81, withdrew the money, but did not purchase the gift cards. She said the suspect got very angry with her and the money was taken out of her account.

Suspicion: Mayfield Road

Clothes Mentor staff said on June 16 that a woman came to the store to sell items, but left because she didn’t like the offer. They said she came back later because her boyfriend forced her to do so.

At that point, she appeared upset and said her children had been kidnapped on a plane. The officers who responded tried unsuccessfully to locate his vehicle.

Well-being check: Mayfield Road

A woman reportedly asked motorists for money on June 16. She told officers she was trying to get enough money to get a room at the Comfort Inn. She was told she was blocking traffic and if she continued she would be kicked out of the area.

Neighbor problem: Washington Boulevard

A woman said on June 15 that a neighbor was ringing her doorbell and did not want to leave. Officers who responded learned that there had been a dispute over a burst toy ball in a playground. Both residents have been asked to stay on their own property.

Disturbance: Lander Road

Between 6 and 8 boys reportedly threw stones or eggs at houses near Ridgebury Boulevard around 10 p.m. June 13. Officers located potential suspects, but could not confirm they were involved.

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