Man charged with stabbing Ionia Co. store employee with katana sword charged

EASTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan – A man has been charged after police say he stabbed a convenience store clerk with a katana sword during a robbery.

Jonathan Wroten of Ionia was charged Monday with armed robbery, assault with intent to kill, resisting arrest and criminal assault. He was arraigned in Ionia County District Court on two separate cases.

Wroten was also charged with resisting, assaulting or obstructing an officer following an incident on October 20.

He was refused bail and will remain in prison pending legal proceedings.

The stabbing took place at around 11:39 a.m. on Sunday at the ‘More Purks’ convenience store on W. Lincoln Avenue, Easton Township, Ionia County.

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The Ionia County Sheriff’s Office said Wroten, dressed in black and carrying a katana sword, went to the convenience store and tried to use a rope to close the door from the outside. MPs say the store clerk confronted the suspect from inside the store and asked him what was going on.

According to MPs, that’s when Wroten drew his sword and stabbed the clerk through the door.

That store clerk was Ted Rux Jr., 56, who was seriously injured in the alleged attack.

The sheriff’s office says Rux tried to run back into the store, but Wroten followed him and “continued to slash and cut off the clerk’s head and neck.”

“He was just getting hysterical,” another employee named Jennifer, who was also in the store when the incident happened, told FOX 17 on Monday.

“When Ted came to the door, he stabbed the knife through the door, and as he did, he [the sword] crossed his arm. “

Wroten followed Rux behind the counter, grabbing money and cigarettes, police said.

“Ted gave him the money that was in the ledger, and he looked at it and told him that he didn’t need the money that was there anymore, and then he started to smoke cigarettes, ”Jennifer said.

She says Wroten was only in the store about 10 minutes before she left.

The sheriff’s office says Wroten was found in a farm field near Haynor Road. After a brief confrontation with the police, the man was taken into custody.

Rux was taken to hospital with serious injuries, where he was listed as being in serious but stable condition. He was released from the hospital on Monday night

You can donate Ted Rux Jr’s medical expenses to a Gofundme account HERE, created by his daughter.

Wroten is expected to be back in court on November 15 for a probable cause hearing.