Lowe’s offers full-time store staff the option of a four-day work week – RetailWire

Jul 25, 2022

Lowe’s gives full-time workers in its stores the choice of scheduling four-day work weeks.

Home Improvement made the decision after its five-day schedule left many associates complaining of an inability to balance their personal and professional lives due to very few consecutive days off, reports Business Intern.

Lowe’s introduced a program in 2019 that gave workers a full weekend off every eight weeks. As a result, there were very few weeks when workers had consecutive days off. Complaints about the system led Lowe’s to offer standard five-day shifts to workers with more weekends off.

Workers continued to complain about the schedules, which, combined with reduced staffing and high customer demand, left many feeling physically, emotionally and mentally drained on their days off.

Lowe’s introduced the new four-day scheduling option last week to provide “more flexibility and consistency” in associates’ schedules, a company spokesperson said. Business Insider.

Lowe’s and other retailers continue to operate in a business environment where workers have the upper hand in bargaining, despite some recent layoffs, mostly in autos and tech, which some say signal the start of a comeback. to businesses.

A recent the wall street journal The article noted some of these developments, but highlighted five factors that make it likely that the ball will stay in the workers’ court for now. These included the fact that vacancies are currently 54% higher than the same period in 2020. Job vacancies remain higher than the number of workers available to fill them and the number of part-time workers at the seeking full-time employment has declined further. more than 700,000 last month.

in a new investigation of the Legion, 85% of hourly workers said it was important for them to have control over their schedules. Their managers, on the whole, agree, with 63% saying that giving hourly workers more information about their schedules is the biggest incentive they have to offer when recruiting. new employees.

Apple, according to Bloomberg News, in early June, told store associates that it would provide more flexible hours in the future. The changes include imposing a limit of three days a week on which workers are allowed to work after 8 p.m. and reducing the number of consecutive days they can work from six to five days.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: How popular do you think a four-day work week will be for full-time store associates? What will this system mean for stores that want to schedule part-time help?


“This decision is long overdue and I hope the rest of retail takes notice.”