Lawmakers call for action after assault on store clerk

  • By Jason Pan / Journalist

Lawmakers yesterday urged local authorities to take action to protect workers after a man allegedly assaulted an employee at a convenience store in Pingtung County.

The attack happened on Sunday, when the seller, surnamed Pan (潘), asked the man, surnamed Yang (楊), to wear a mask inside the store.

He then allegedly beat her and tried to tear her eyes out.

Photo: Chen Yen-ting, Taipei Times

Yesterday she had undergone several surgeries, but her life was no longer in danger.

New Power Party lawmaker Claire Wang (王婉 諭) said the mental health law (精神 衛生 法) should be amended to better protect the public from people with psychological disorders and a history of violent behavior .

She said the amendments should “close loopholes in the law” to prevent similar attacks.

Yang had undergone treatment in a mental hospital and has a criminal record including violent offenses, but government agencies have failed to monitor him, she said.

Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Chung Chia-pin (鍾佳濱), who represents a Pingtung constituency, said his staff were in contact with Pan’s family and were involved in a campaign to collect donations for them.

His staff would assist him in claiming compensation under the state’s employment insurance program.

Meanwhile, around 50 residents of Sinnan Village (新 南) in Kaohshu County (高 樹), where Yang lives, demonstrated in front of the Pingtung Public Health Unit yesterday.

They said Yang should remain in custody because he had already committed violent crimes.

“Yang terrorized our whole village,” they said.

“Whenever Yang is arrested and admitted to the hospital for psychiatric treatment, he returns home after a few days,” said Sinnan director Chang Chi-yuan (張吉源). “It has happened too many times. We fear who might be the next victim.

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