How to seize the opportunity for in-store marketing and promotions

The last decade, and in particular the last two years, has seen an exponential growth in the usefulness of digital tools for marketing teams. Audiences can now be better targeted, send messages more effectively, and in the case of promotions and discounts, be intelligently served at optimized prices to drive sales without sacrificing margins.

Ultimately, all of this innovation comes down to maximizing opportunity. It uses emerging consumer data initiatives to give customers the right motivation at the right time to drive a sale. More than ever, the digital tools that have worked to optimize e-commerce are connecting the dots with the in-store environment. For smart retailers, focusing on in-store marketing and promotions can help complement omnichannel marketing efforts at all levels.

Now is the time to act to optimize the in-store experience

As pandemic conditions begin to subside (for now), consumer comfort with in-store purchases returns to some degree of normalcy. Statistics show that 70% of consumers comfortably shop in-store, an increase of 2.4 times over the same period last year.

Additionally, as supply chain weaknesses make online shopping less reliable, especially for urgent purchases like holiday gifts, consumers can opt for the product on hand guarantee offered by in-store purchases.

Purchase options also contributed to foot traffic in the store. The online purchase method, collection in store exploded last year, representing $ 72.46 billion, a growth rate of 106.9% from 2019. All of these factors mean more opportunities to convert those crucial first moments of truth and impulse selling. At the height of the pandemic, brands and retailers struggled to position consumers to buy outside the restrictions of digital commerce; now, as more and more eyes return to the shelves, these existing avenues are becoming available again.

Successful marketing means connecting the dots and seizing the moment, meeting buyers where they are, and getting them the right deal at the right time. In-store shopping is back, and it’s coming back to a time when retailers took months to develop technology to maximize these touch points.

Digital transformation is changing the landscape of in-store marketing and promotions

As mentioned, the opportunity for in-store conversions also coincides with technology that integrates digital identifiers into the real world. Brands have been faced with the imperative to bolster their first-party consumer data stores for months on end, which has led to better actionable insights that can now be leveraged in in-store settings.

With more and more customers relying on their phones for the shopping experience, retailers and CPGs are able to refresh this level of consumer connectivity to provide frictionless shopping interactions and experiences with in-store customers, rooted in data gleaned from online first-party data efforts. .

Retailers are now able to deliver real-time discounts and on-shelf activated offers to drive purchasing decisions. From digital coupons to exclusive in-store prices, the synergy of technology and product assortment creates the conditions for instant conversions in ways that were not previously there.

Brands that have long been pioneers in in-store promotions and the discount space are adapting their offers to this new digital ecosystem. Neptune Retail Solutions, for example, has been one of the hottest names in store discounts for decades. Recently, they’ve broadened their approach to include a more digital-centric strategy, leveraging dynamic AI-powered prices and promotions and digital coupons for a mobile shopping audience.

Putting these new tools to good use

With a return to stores for consumer goods purchases coupled with consumer demand for digital and contactless engagement and commerce options, now is the time for retailers and CPGs to act on some marketing and marketing. improved and expanded in-store promotions. As brands and retailers seek to improve internal data collection and innovate in everything digital including websites, digital ads, loyalty and email programs, the marketing opportunity in-store is huge for digital and omnichannel marketers.