Haldiram trends on social media after TV reporter confronts store staff over ‘Urdu description’ on namkeen package

Haldiram namkeen controversy | Image Courtesy: Priyam Goyal @goyal_priyam

Photo: Twitter

New Delhi: Haldirambecame a big trend on Twitter on Wednesday after a video went viral showing a TV reporter interviewing store staff at the food retailer about urdu description on the packaging of a namkeen. The journalist repeatedly asked the manager of a store Haldiram’s on the Urdu script on the packaging of the “Falahari mix”, popular with those who fast during Navratri.

The reporter could be heard asking why the packaging had a description in Urdu on the back when the main text on the front and part of the back were in English.

It can be noted that the packaging clearly mentions that the namkeen is a vegetarian product. Namkeen is meant to be eaten safely by those who are fasting and it contains a mixture of peanuts and potatoes with mild spices.

In the video, the Hindi news channel reporter could be heard forcefully asking if Haldiram was trying to conceal some facts regarding the preparation of the ready-to-eat food. The store manager responds by saying that the food inside the package is not a health hazard and would not address the reporter’s claims beyond that. She then politely asks the reporter to leave the store if she was not planning on buying the namkeen.

“If you want to have this you can have it, if you don’t want to have it you can just keep it here and leave from my outlet,” the store manager says. “Why do you want to read only Urdu ma’am? English and Hindi content is also there for you,” she adds.

Customers and even a policeman could be seen overhearing the argument.

The video went viral on Twitter and attracted many views, with most praising the store manager. A journalist also pointed out that the text was not in Urdu but in fact in Arabic because Haldiram exports its products to several Muslim-majority countries.

Here are some of the reactions on the social media platform:

Haldiram’s has not officially responded to the controversy so far.