Fairfax store clerk gunned down as he tried to end a brawl over sneakers remembered as exiting

The Fairfax community mourns the loss of a beloved shoe store employee.

The employee, Jayren Bradford, was gunned down Wednesday afternoon as he tried to end a scuffle outside the Shoe Palace, colleagues told FOX 11.

Bradford was pronounced dead in hospital.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the brawl stems from an argument involving a shoe raffle.

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FOX 11 was in Fairfax after the deadly shooting, where the community held a memorial in honor of Bradford.

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One of Bradford’s colleagues, Keyshawn Williams, described Bradford as an excellent colleague.

“He was an outgoing peer who always wanted to make friends, so once I got here,” Williams said. “He made me feel welcome like it was a place you wanted to be.”

Williams was working inside the Shoe Palace when the shooting occurred.

“I was in the back room cutting boxes and heard the arguments and it’s only my second day here so once something happens up front it’s out of my hands so I stayed out of that. And then a lady starts to turn the tables, they walk away and I hear the gunshot, so everyone panics in the back room, and I walk out. and I see Jay on the floor, ”Williams said.

Williams said a colleague of his tried to help Bradford.

“A coworker was there right in front of him so he was trying to help him and stop the bleeding but it was fatal to his chest,” Williams said.

Williams and his grandmother came to the memorial site to pay their respects to Bradford.

“He [Bradford] was really nice. He just got this job trying to help his mom pay the rent, I heard. It was cowardly whoever did it and they have to hurry and get these people off the street because it’s crazy and it hit me because it could’ve been my grandson, “said Evelyn Brown.

When the shooting took place, it immediately caused a stir in the community.

“While I was with customers, a whole bunch of people were running like running, running. Some ran into the store [Joyrich], and a guy walked in and immediately told us that a guy had just been shot twice, that’s what he said, “said Bree who works at Joyrich, a nearby store.

Bree said violence has become common in the region.

“It’s closest to our store but around Melrose. It’s been something from maybe 2020 until now, it’s got worse. For us it’s still something so we’re kinda like so i don’t mean we got used to it because we always say to each other, “oh my gosh!” and it sucks but feeling wise you don’t feel much, and we go on with our day, ”said bree .

The alleged shooter is described as a short-haired Hispanic man wearing black shorts, a black shirt and a pair of black shoes. LAPD says he was last seen driving a silver Toyota Camry with the license plate number, BC10D32.

Anyone with information about the fatal shooting is asked to call 213-382-9470.