Clearfield store worker assaulted with bat in robbery

CLEARFIELD, Utah – Police are searching for suspects suspected of being involved in several armed robberies in Clearfield and Layton.

According to the Layon police, three businesses – two 7-Eleven and Smokeys stores – were targeted from Thursday evening to Friday morning last week. In these incidents, the suspects with the baseball bats did not assault store employees. Investigators say they do not get away with a large sum of money.

Then on Saturday night, a smokehouse named Cloud X was broken into. In this incident, the clerk was attacked with a baseball bat.

“My first reaction was to see what I could do to defend myself,” said Nathaniel Rupert, who has worked at Cloud X for over two years. “I just reacted and grabbed the man and threw him in my shelves. While he and I were going his other friend actually hit me with a bat – hit me like four times, three times – I have a few bruises, but I have been hit several times.

Surveillance cameras captured images of the suspects. Police believe the same people may be involved in the crimes.

“Anytime someone walks in and threatens a store worker with physical violence, it creates a confrontation that could really get serious,” said Lt. Travis Lyman of the Layton Police Department.

The suspects are believed to be in their 20s, under 6 feet tall, weigh between 140 and 180 pounds, and travel in a dark-colored passenger car.

Rupert says he was back to work the day after the attack, despite several bruises on his back and hip.

“I feel bad for what my bosses have lost. I can take a hit, it’s OK. It’s just $ 800, man, ”he said.

While law enforcement recommends complying with thieves’ demands during incidents like this to avoid injury, Rupert wishes he had done more to prevent suspects from escaping.

He hopes other store workers in the area remain on high alert with the suspects on the loose.

“It happened and people found they could get away with it, so try to stay protected in any way possible. I don’t care if you have a lightsaber, find out, ”Rupert said.

Anyone with information on these crimes is urged to contact the police in Layton or Clearfield.