Charges: Man shot liquor store worker who confronted him for stealing beer

A man has been charged with attempted murder, accused of shooting a liquor store employee who confronted him about stealing a six-pack of beer.

Jalen Dyson, 28, of Minneapolis, is charged with attempted second-degree murder in connection with the Jan. 23 shooting outside Park Liquors in St. Paul.

Dyson is accused of shooting a Park Liquors employee twice in the abdomen and then fleeing in a friend’s SUV. The employee had to undergo emergency surgery to repair damage to his internal organs, according to the charges.

Minneapolis police arrested Dyson on Sunday and he was transferred to Ramsey County Jail on Monday, according to the Pioneer Press. Dyson has an omnibus hearing scheduled for March 29, according to court records.


According to the criminal complaint, St. Paul police responded to Park Liquors at 3:45 p.m. on January 23 to a report of an employee who had been shot.

Park Liquors employees said a man wearing a face mask left the store without paying for a six-pack of beers, and when an employee chased the thief out of the store, the suspect, later identified as Dyson, told him shot it.

Police found the worker on the ground with two gunshot wounds to the abdomen, according to the charges.

Witnesses told police Dyson jumped into a moving SUV after the shooting. Police found a six-pack of beer and a broken doorknob in the area where Dyson jumped into the vehicle, as well as two spent casings near the scene of the shooting.

The driver of the SUV contacted police, identifying Dyson as the shooter, the charges said. The driver said he’s known Dyson since college, noting they played football together at North Dakota State University and Augsburg College and used to drive him home with him for Dyson to know his mother.

The conductor said that on January 23, he picked up his mother from the light rail. She had met Dyson, who had asked for a ride and stop at the liquor store, the charges said.

Dyson drove inside Park Liquors, then suddenly the driver heard gunshots so he started to drive away, the complaint says. He thought Dyson had been shot, but he started running towards the SUV, grabbing the door handle and jumping inside, shouting “Go, go, go!” Dyson had dropped the beer on the floor and had a black gun in his hand.

The driver drove a short distance and then he and his mother ordered Dyson out of the SUV, charges allege. Dyson is gone.

The driver’s mother told police Dyson said ‘I stole that mother *****’ and admitted he shot the liquor store employee, adding that Dyson didn’t showed no remorse. She also saw the gun in Dyson’s hand, the complaint states.

The victim told police he chased the beer thief out of the store and when he was about 5-7ft away he told Dyson, ‘I’ll take back what you took,’ the documents say judicial. It was then that Dyson turned around and shot him twice.