Benicia store worker killed in overnight market robbery – CBS San Francisco

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Home Depot fire: Investigators are trying to determine what started a 5-alarm fire that destroyed a Home Depot storeInvestigators will comb through the charred ruins of a San Jose Home Depot to determine how a 5-alarm fire started

Oakland freeway shooting shuts westbound I-580 for hoursThe CHP is investigating a freeway shooting that brought traffic to a standstill on I-580 in Oakland on Sunday. Reports by Kenny Choi. (4-10-22)

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Weirdness and whimsy dominate SF MoMA’s soapbox derbyThe 2022 San Francisco soapbox derby was a race down – from the hill to McLaren Park. It was fueled by art, humor and a love of the strange. reports Devin Fehely. (4-10-22)

San Jose Home Depot destroyed in 5-alarm fire, bystanders stunnedCustomers and crew responding to a huge fire that engulfed a Home Depot in San Jose on Saturday were stunned by the level of destruction. reports Shawn Chitnis. (4-10-22)

The fire in the port of Benicia could stimulate a new wave of inflationIt took firefighters 24 hours to put out the fire at the dock in Benicia. Today, the port and the companies that use it are taking stock of the possible economic impact. Da Lin reports. (4-10-22)

A hillside brush fire burns near houses in the town of DalyDaly City firefighters extinguished a two-acre wildfire on the west slope behind a residence in Longview and Belcrest. (4-10-22)

Furor Over Proposed Treasure Island Toll Upends Assembly RaceThe race for an assembly seat in San Francisco intensifies. The problem is the proposed toll for Treasure Island. Reports by John Ramos. (4-10-22)

Weather forecast for the first alert Sunday eveningBrian Hackney has the (sometimes wet) forecast for the work week. (4-10-22)

First weather alert Sunday morningBrian Hackney has the Bay Area microclimate forecast. (4-10-22)

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Benicia fire: Benicia seafront quay bursts into flames; Firefighters fought the blaze to 4 alarmsA 4-alarm fire broke out on the Benicia seafront on Saturday afternoon, engulfing a wooden commercial pier in flames, sending dockworkers scrambling for safety.

Home Depot fire: Firefighters continue to battle 5-alarm blaze engulfing Home Depot San Jose storeA blaze quickly turned into a 5-alarm blaze as flames engulfed a Home Depot store in San Jose on Saturday.

Ships narrowly escape 4-alarm fire at Port of BeniciaBay Area Mutual Agency firefighters battled a stubborn four-alarm blaze at the dock on Saturday afternoon in Benicia. (4-9-22)

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Raw video: 5-alarm fire burns down the San Joseph Home DepotA fire quickly rose to 5 alarms at a Home Depot store in San Jose on Saturday night. (4-9-22)

5-alarm fire engulfs Home Depot store in San JoseRaw video: A fire quickly turned into a 5-alarm inferno as flames engulfed a Home Depot store in San Jose on Saturday night

Marin fire officials prepare for the start of fire seasonFire officials say a few more weeks of hot, dry and windy weather could signal the start of a truly scary wildfire season. Reports by John Ramos. (4-9-22)

San Francisco redistricting debate continues at City HallThe City of San Francisco is one step closer to releasing a new map of the 11 districts represented by the Board of Supervisors. reports Shawn Chitnis. (4-9-22)

San Mateo County Plans Major Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging InfrastructureSan Mateo County plans to quadruple the number of electric vehicle charging stations over the next 3 years. reports Devin Fehely. (4-9-22)

First weather alert Saturday eveningBrian Hackney has the Bay Area microclimate forecast. (4-9-22)

BENICIA PIER FIRE: Benicia seafront quay bursts into flames; Firefighters Battle 4-Alarm BlazeRaw video of firefight with 4-alarm Benicia Pier fire

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