A store clerk is a getaway driver in a car chase on I-10: Walton Co. Sheriff’s Office.

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WKRG) — Two people are facing multiple charges after a robbery at Miramar Beach. One was shot dead by responding officers, and the other, a gas station employee who was robbed, faces charges.

The original crime

Dallas Francis, 33, robbed a Circle K gas station on Poinciana Boulevard early friday morningaccording to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said Francis entered the store around 5 a.m. with a gun and demanded cash at the checkout. WCSO said the clerk then gave Francis more than $34,000 from the store and he fled. Investigators said they identified Francis from Circle K surveillance video.

Francis has a lengthy criminal record, including felony charges. Francis moved to Walton County after being released from prison in Ohio, according to WCSO.

Early Saturday morning, Walton County investigators located the suspect’s car, a Honda CRV, using FLOCK cameras. Deputies traveled to the registered home in the Argyle community of DeFuniak Springs to locate the suspect

Minutes later, Francis and gas station clerk Mary Yard, 30, pulled up to the house in a KIA.

The deputies tried to stop the car and François opened fire on the deputies at close range. WCSO patrol cars broke down from bullets and the two rushed off.

The hunt

Deputies chased Ponce De Leon’s KIA to Highway 90 in Holmes County. Walton County Sheriff Adkinson said Francis fired shots from the passenger side of the car as he was being chased by deputies.

Yard took Interstate 90 before fleeing to Interstate 10. WCSO said the chase repeatedly exceeded 100 mph on I-10 westbound. WCSO said Francis and Yard threw wads of cash out the window while being chased.

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and Okaloosa County Deputies joined the chase, placing spike strips near Crestview. The car eventually came to a stop at Mile 53 in Okaloosa County. The chase lasted 60 miles, according to WCSO.


Dallas Francis tried to flee the broken down car, according to WCSO. He fired at law enforcement as he ran from the passenger side of the car.

FHP soldiers, WCSO and OCSO deputies at the scene returned fire and shot Francis. Once in custody, deputies transported Francis to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center for treatment.

WCSO provided an update Saturday morning when I-10 closed.

Yard also tried to flee the car but fell and broke his foot, according to OCSO personnel at the scene. No MPs were injured. 6 patrol cars were hit by stray bullets. OCSO also provided an update after filming on I-10.

The following

Mary Yard has been identified as the gas station employee of the robbery. Yard also lives in the home of the deputies wanted for the suspect car. WCSO said they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Yard is facing charges of flight and escape and aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer.

Francis faces multiple charges, including attempted murder and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

Traffic was halted for hours on Interstate 10 as FDLE worked on the scene. I-10 reopened around 11:15 a.m. Saturday morning.

Francis is undergoing treatment for his injuries and is not yet on the Okaloosa County Jail Log with charges. WKRG News 5 has contacted OCSO for an update on its status.

WCSO said Francis got most of the money from the gas station from an open safe in the building. Sheriff Adkinson said the early morning seizure was suspicious and WCSO was still investigating the theft.

Press conference

WCSO and OCSO held a joint press conference later Saturday afternoon to discuss the lawsuit.

Watch that press conference below:

FHP sent out a statement Saturday afternoon regarding their assistance with the lawsuit.