A Norman man accused of allegedly threatening a store clerk with a metal pipe; to steal money

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A Norman man is facing felony charges after he allegedly robbed a convenience store and threatened to kill the store clerk with a metal pipe.

“A lot of times when you think of theft, people think of people coming in with guns,” said Sarah Jensen of the Norman Police Department. “It’s a bit different in the use of metal pipes, but just as dangerous and just as scary.”

The incident happened at the Corner Market on E. Franklin Road.

Police say the suspect, Daniel Harvey, bought a drink at the market. He then sat in the parking lot until the saleswoman came out for her break.

“When she came out to take a little break, he approached her and encouraged her to go back to the store with the help of a metal pipe,” Jensen said. “Then forced her to put money and a number of other things from the store in the bin and before leaving.”

According to the 911 call made by the clerk, Harvey also took the cash drawers that were under the cash register and every carton of cigarettes from the shelves in the store.

Court documents say Harvey told the clerk he “knew where she lived and he would hurt her if she didn’t do what she said.”

“He told me he would kill me, he knew who I was,” the clerk told the 911 dispatcher.

A few days later, the police found Harvey. He is now in the Cleveland County Detention Center and faces robbery charges.