A BP store clerk gets into an argument with a thief in Troy

TROY, MI – At 3:17 p.m. on January 5, 2022, a store clerk at a BP gas station at 2989 Crooks Road had an argument with someone who stole several items.

Officers responded to the gas station about reports of retail fraud and assault and a battery. The appellant and the gas station worker said he was punched in the face while confronting a suspect for theft of items.

Officers contacted the employee who said he confronted the front passenger of a vehicle after seeing him steal several items inside the gas station. The passenger punched him in the face, in which case he attempted to reach the vehicle and grab the stolen goods while hitting the suspect with his other hand. The employee said that one of the other three occupants of the vehicle then pointed a black handgun at his face.

He moved away from the vehicle and it exited the parking lot. The employee was unable to provide a clear reason why he waited 20 minutes before calling the police or why he did not initially report that there was a handgun involved.

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